Hey, my name is Nye. I enjoy reading and looking at other artists' work. I will most likely post fandom that I'm interested in or other random stuff. Occasionally I will post my drawings here but the rest would be on my other blog. 


Anonymous asked
OOh ooh ooh! I've done art for a book too! And it even got published! And I got paid for it! I still have the book! I even got it signed! But oh boy... all the drawings were crap! XD It's embarrassing that I don't even show it to people or mention it...

At least you gain experience from it. The girl I was working with was really nice and would look at my work to see if I did anything decent (often ask me to make minor changes). I always think that I could have done it better but then what the hell. If she likes it then I’m okay then. Just need to get better that’s all. It’s great to hear that the book you illustrated for got published. You can always put that on your resume (a professor suggested this in order to have people know how experienced you are and notice that you done something else beside working at a store or something). 

Anonymous asked
I like your work and stories... Have you ever worked with someone on a story? I've been trying to get some of my friends work with me but no one wants D: I'm not taken seriously... And I don't have the time lol

Thank you. I once did an illustration for a girl who was trying to write a book last year. She is studying to be a pre-school teacher and was required to write a story, the problem is that she can’t draw. My art professor presented her in class and I got chosen to illustrate it. I didn’t get paid but I got a chance to show my work off. 

Now you mention that your friends don’t want to do a collaboration and they don’t take you seriously. Maybe they thought it was a joke when you said it and didn’t realize that you were serious. I would say try again and show them your work (if you written or drawn anything). The least they can do is critique it, and be honest if your work needs improvement or something. That’s what I often do with my friends, I ask their opinion on my work and vice versa. If your friends still don’t want to look at your work, don’t get upset (sometimes family or friends feel that they will be harsh if they’re honest) and look elsewhere. If you’re in school or college, ask a teacher or a classmate that you get along well if they will take their time to review your work. Don’t rush them and thank them if they look at it or not. Or you can look here on tumblr or some other sites if you need help or get a partnership. It doesn’t hurt to post on your blog that you require a partner to work with (though there might be some people who want to get paid for it instead of just doing for the hell out of it like me here). It’s just the matter of taking your time to seek people out and asking here and there.  

Speaking of time, you have no idea how much I use ‘I have no time’ excuse to not draw. I admit that I will let school interfere with my interest in drawing for my pleasure. I shouldn’t be doing that especially if I’m not working. I’m just being a lazy person which is wrong. If you go to school and work at the same time, I understand its difficult. But somewhere in between those times that you find yourself getting a break, use it to write a story or make a note of it. It’s not difficult to take a little of your time to write or draw something. No matter if you’re doing it for an hour or minutes, at least you used your time wisely. 

I hope this answer your questions, though I feel that I went off tangent here. 

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Ever received anon hate?

Not yet, only a few spams. 

Anonymous asked
Where are you from?

The land of freedom…sorry that was silly. I’m from the U.S. 

gabzgirl asked
Dang girl you sure do have alot of anon's tonight lol xD

Yeah, very rare that I get a lot of questions. But its okay since these questions kinda fire me up on writing now. lol

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How do you come across to follow someone?

Usually I follow artists who use to have deviantart accounts or created webcomics that I enjoy reading them. Sometimes I follow people who go to my campus. Other times I just click on the image’s source (previous blogger) and like the person’s profile which results in me following them. That’s generally what I do.  

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Well for starters it's not bad at all! But don't stop, it might lead you somewhere.

Thank you, and I don’t plan to stop unless I get sidetracked by plot bunnies. 

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What tags do you follow?

None, just look at what’s on my dashboard and at the people I followed. I hardly search for anything on tumblr. I’m more amused by what other people post on their dashboard.  

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well... bother to! It won't get better if you don't do anything about it. You can't expect to get different results, if you don't change something.

I know and I honestly want to change my terrible habits if I want to improve. Which is why I’m trying draw my characters again and write something about them whether or not I decide to present the story to the public. When in doubt about a word, google the term (if the dictionary is hidden somewhere in my room). That’s what I sadly do when I can’t spell and don’t understand a word.  

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making comics IS writing...

I know comic is writing and that there is more to it. Like getting an idea of a story that has a good plot and dialogue. Image how the place will look etc. What I meant about not like about writing is the grammar and spelling, something that I don’t consider to be good at. I never double check my work. I always feel that I’m rambling and wonder if it makes any sense at all. I suck at writing because I never bother to write well.